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Thread: Pie kernel for Galaxy S5?

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    Pie kernel for Galaxy S5?

    Anyone know from whence I can get either a LineageOS 16 compatible NetHunter Kernel for the S5 someone gave me? If not, then is there a reference OS build that was used for installing the existing NetHunter Build? I tried building from source, but there is only a Marshmallow kernel in the sources.

    Any (useful) hints on this??

    I'm not going to be using such an old device as my primary NetHunter device, but you know, tinkerers love to tinker...

    (tinker, tinker, tinker)...

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    The latest kernel we have for the Galaxy S5 is a CM14.1 build:

    If you'd like to tinker than you can clone that kernel's source from here:

    and merge the 16 version from upstream:

    Build it, test it and when you are happy with it you can raise a merge request so that we can include it in the NetHunter repo.

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