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Thread: Upgrading the build from small to everything?

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    Upgrading the build from small to everything?

    Is there a way to upgrade the build once its installed, i clicked enter by mistake during install and i was actually wanting to install everything.

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    There are several options

    apt -y install kali-linux-everything
    apt-cache search kali-linux-
    kali-linux - Transitional package for kali-linux-core
    kali-linux-all - Transitional package for kali-linux-everything
    kali-linux-arm - Kali Linux ARM system
    kali-linux-core - Kali Linux base system
    kali-linux-default - Kali Linux default system
    kali-linux-everything - Everything in Kali Linux
    kali-linux-forensics - Transitional package for kali-tools-forensics
    kali-linux-full - Transitional package for kali-linux-large
    kali-linux-gpu - Transitional package for kali-tools-gpu
    kali-linux-large - Kali Linux large system
    kali-linux-light - Kali Linux light tools
    kali-linux-nethunter - Kali Linux NetHunter tools
    kali-linux-pwtools - Transitional package for kali-tools-passwords
    kali-linux-rfid - Transitional package for kali-tools-rfid
    kali-linux-sdr - Transitional package for kali-tools-sdr
    kali-linux-top10 - Transitional package for kali-tools-top10
    kali-linux-voip - Transitional package for kali-tools-voip
    kali-linux-web - Transitional package for kali-tools-web
    kali-linux-wireless - Transitional package for kali-tools-wireless

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