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Thread: installing chroot to Nethunter opens Android CLI instead of Kali CLI

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    installing chroot to Nethunter opens Android CLI instead of Kali CLI

    So I am trying to install generic Nethunter on my VMOS install, which has root authority, however, when I install the chroot, it installed, but when I select metapackages, it opens to the AndroidSU terminal instead of the Kali terminal. Opening to the Kali terminal returned this
    Could not find: /data/local/nhsystem/kalifs/bin even though I did install the chroot, which had the name kalifs.

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    I was having this problem recently also.
    I was able to fix it manually, by downloading the kalifs-armhf-full.tar.xz manually with curl, and then extracting to the correct place, and rebooting again.

    Note that if you are using a newer phone, you might need to replace armhf with arm64 .

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