Hello! I have been having an extremely slow boot issue with my dual booted machine (dual booting with Windows 10).
I'm currently running on Gnome, here is output for "uname -a"
"Linux wraith 5.4.0-kali3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.4.13-1kali1 (2020-01-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux"
Here is the output of systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 6.732s (firmware) + 4.034s (loader) + 15min 30.942s (kernel) + 2min 13.561s (userspace) = 17min 55.271s 
graphical.target reached after 2min 13.555s in userspace
As you can see above ^, the kernel is taking 15 minutes to load here which is extremely long, a little too long.
So I cant tell what to do here.

Here are my partitions:
sda1 is for my windows drive (which is on my nvme drive which boots perfectly fine)fstab.txt
sda2 is extra storage that should not interfere with my main system at all
sda6 is the boot partition for kali
sda7 is swap
sda8 is my root partition (mainly used one, i know its bad )
sda9 is my home partition
/dev/sda1        2048 1132814335 1132812288 540.2G Microsoft basic data
/dev/sda2  1132814336 1562509311  429694976 204.9G Linux filesystem
/dev/sda6  1562509312 1563559935    1050624   513M EFI System
/dev/sda7  1563559936 1590902783   27342848    13G Linux swap
/dev/sda8  1590902784 1688559615   97656832  46.6G Linux filesystem
/dev/sda9  1688559616 1953523711  264964096 126.4G Linux filesystem
This started two days ago when I accidentally ran my backup script that filled up the rest of my root partition
My computer froze, so I hard shut it down and ever since (even after clearing a lot of space), it has taken like 20-30 minutes to boot
Maybe it has something to do with that?

Im not sure what else to show you other than posting my fstab
No drives are encrypted so crypttab has no content so that shouldn't be any part of the issue

Thank you very much for helping!