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Thread: Files in wrong locations?

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    Files in wrong locations?

    I have installed Re4son's Kali-linux for rpib3+ 3 times now and I continue to have the same issue:

    command: cd /usr/local/src/re4son-kernel_4*

    bash: cd: d /usr/local/src/re4son-kernel_4*: No such file or directory

    I opened some of the locations such as root and there is nothing in there besides desktop. /src is completely empty.

    Any idea why this is happening?

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    The kernel sources do not go in to /usr/local/src, they typically go into /usr/src when in a package. When you say you've installed "re4son's kalipi for rpib3+" - what package are you installing? What are you trying to do? The RPi images already include re4son's kernels, so you do not need to manually install them.

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