im using latest version of kali, installed Jan 2020, im using as my second os beside windows (dual boots). it started when im switching to my non root user acc.. when i change back to root(default) user acc, it started to happen.. Kali UI went weird, missing close/minimize/maximize, shown only 1 workplace(only 1 workplace tab in the panel) but in settings its 2, missing wallpaper, missing desktop icon, right click disabled in certain windows, its like 90% depends on keyboard shortcuts.. sometimes when i keep changing to the non-root user and back to root, it fixed. but most of times its not, and currently its still occurring in my kali. Then, ive added a new root user acc, and it still didnt fixed it.. This only happen to the default root user.. all my self-created user acc are no affected and works as normal perfectly, but most of my 1 month works is there.. Latest problem, network adapter are not functioning, it only shows "no ethernet" at the icon. Ive been using my laptop default network adaper(it happens to have monitor mode and ive been using it works perfectly). Now it seem like it doesnt detect my network adapter even ive run "iwconfig" "ifconfig...up" "systemctl start NetworkManager" it still didnt work for all user acc. when i tab to autocomplete "systemctl start NetworkManager", it happens to be "NetworkManager-dispatch..........". Before this problem happens it only autocomplete to "NetworkManager". anyone know how to fix this? or i need to reinstall kali?