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Thread: More troubles with OnePlus1

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    Question More troubles with OnePlus1

    Ok, so LineageOS 20190101, and NetHunter Image for 2019.04 updated to latest via 'apt-get full-upgrade'.

    I can't seem to get external wifi cards to work, via a 3-way usb splitter. OPO does charge when plugged into the splitter when splitter is connected to power.

    I am noticing the following:

    • In both Kali Chroot, and in AndroidSU terminals, typing 'lsmod' shows no modules, only a header line. 'cat /proc/modules' yields no output - it's a 0 byte file.
    • 'lsusb' likewise gives no output.
    • In the Kali Nethunter app, if I go to services, and enable y-adapter service, it appears to stay on, but if I go to another section, and then back to services, the service is off, even though I never turned it off.
    • I am unable to install Realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms package via apt-get install, due to missing kernel headers.
    • I can't figure out a working solution to install kernel headers. I've tried, but unable to satisfy dependancies.
    • Typing 'dmesg' shows lots of access- and permission- denied messages

    Just for kicks, I'm going to try a USB Flash drive with the y-adapter, and see what happens.

    I'll be in touch.


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    Update: Flash drive doesn’t appear to work or be visible in file explorer while on the 3-way Y-adapter. Works fine with an OTG adapter.

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