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Thread: Virtualbox and external hard drive installation

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    Virtualbox and external hard drive installation

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to install kali linux on an external hardrive.

    I have an HDD of 1TB (Toshiba Canvio Basics USB 3.0). I took the last iso of kali linux (kali-linux-2020.1-live-amd64.iso) and I am trying to install the virtual machine on that toshiba hard drive. I am doing that on my macbook pro.

    When I run the installation it works fine until I reach the step of disk detection. It do not find it. Instead, I only got a long list of drivers. I am supposed to pick one of them. I can select the options "continu without driver" but the installation get blocked because there is no mount point selected.

    I created a partition of 70 GB, with all the file system formats I could, including FAT and ExtFat. On my macbook pro the hdd is detected, I can use the HDD without any problem. But for some reason the installer don't.

    I am running out of ideas, so I would really appreciate it if some one can help me!

    Thanks in advance,

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    For those who might encounter the same problem I figured out the solution, even if I don't really understand what is happening.

    When you create your virtual machine on VirtualBox, at some point you gonna be asked if you want to add a virtual hard disk. You should select "Create virtual hard disk" and it run's fine.

    My mistake was to choose not, and then go on the settings and add the iso from there.

    Good hacking

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    Hello, Im trying to install Kali-linux on my MacBook Pro however I keep running into a "no mountable file systems" warning when I try to open the iso file

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    Bro can you please elaborate to me as am facing exactly the same problem...

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