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Thread: Fresh Kali 2020.1 No GUI, Sudo, or su.

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    Fresh Kali 2020.1 No GUI, Sudo, or su.

    So I just installed Kali 2020.1 alongside my Win10, grub is working fine, I can boot into Kali Linux, but when I do I get a black screen and it give me "Kali Login:" so I login with my created username/pass. and that's it. No GUI. I was going to try a few things I found throughout the interwebs but all of the "fixes" required that I use "sudo" or "su" but neither are working. when i type sudo I get "-bash: sudo: command not found", and when I try "su" it wants me to give a password which neither toor or my created pass works. Any ideas?

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    so do i ,i had install Kali-linux-2020.1-live-amd64.iso,when i try to login with root/toor,but can not,i can just only login with general user,how did you sloved this problem?

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    Help! I have the same problem. The default login is kali/kali but then I have to use the sudo command to do anything I need to do. How can I login as root? I tried to login as root/toor but it doesn't work.

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    Same thing happened with me!!
    Plz someone solve this issue!!!

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    In its 2020 version, Kali Linux allows the use of users other than root users, which may cause problems for you. In the following, we will accompany you by reviewing the problems and accessing the Super User in Kali Linux 2020. I've read a Persian article on the site below and it has helped me a lot

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    the new Kali versions do not add your created account to the root group, that's why you need to switch the terminal session to root when you want to run commands as root with sudo su and then type your password. As for the OP @redmatter3 --what desktop environment did you choose during the installation?

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