Hi everyone,
Just to make it clear, I have only basic knowledge on Linux OS.

I have a weird problem with installing Kali Linux on my Lenovo Legion notebook.
Notebook specification: Intel i5 8300H, Nvidia GeForce 1050 ti, 8GB RAM.

When I bought the computer (June 2019) I installed Kali as primary and the only OS. I think it was version Kali 2019.2. I have used it for about 3 months and it worked great. Because of other needs I had to install Windows 10 and now I wanted to get totaly rid off Windows and so the problems began to occur.

The problem is that the screen/picture freezes.
After the boot for about few minutes everything works normal. Few minutes later function after function starts to freeze (Examples: mouse moves but I can click only on few item; mouse moves but I cant click anything; alt+tab works, but I cant run commands in terminal). If I run the command "lspci" the screen freezes instantly.

I assume that the problem is in the graphics card driver but how can I fix it if I cant even run the commands? If I use the terminal (from F1 to F6) without GUI it also freezes after some time (Uptime max 4min). In that time I cant update drivers etc.

I also tried the older versions of Kali but the problem was the same.
I also noticed that 2019.2 live version works normal without any trouble.

If you can suggest me any further steps what should I try I would really appreciate it.
And if you need any info, please let me know.

I apologise for my bad English
Have a nice day,