But I think the problem is more with my install.
Complete newbie to Nethunter. I have installed on a Nexus 6, and most things seem to be working, but Hijacker is giving me grief.
If I run airmon-ng on my externally connected USB wifi card, and then run airodump-ng, it works fine.
However Hijacker doesn't work for me.
When I do the command test, they all fail, and when I copy the command and run it in a shell, it shows me the path to airodump (and other executables) as being in /data/user/0/com.hijacker/files/bin
That path does not exist for me.
but when I do a "which airodump-ng" I get it in /usr/sbin/

Is my chroot not done properly or something?
When I check the chroot in the Nethunter app, it gives me "everything is fine"

I'm sure I'm doing something simple wrong, but if someone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.