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Thread: Kali 2020.1 Unattended Offline install failing when trying to install default tools

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    Kali 2020.1 Unattended Offline install failing when trying to install default tools

    Hi, I am attempting a offline unattended install of Kali 2020.1 with all the default tools installed (similar to 2019 versions). According to the Kali release notes a package kali-tools-default is available so an offline install can be done. When I try this Kali is unable to find a package by this name.

    If I use kali-linux-default package all the tools can be installed (manually) but the install fails in unattended mode as the packages firmware-b43-installer and firmware-b43legacy-installer both attempt to connect to the Internet to get to website and respectively.

    Being more of a RHEL SysAdmin with very little Debian experience I am seeing a couple of issues (but maybe missing something).

    1) kali-tools-default can not be found.
    2) If using kail-linux-default a network connection is needed for firmware-b43-installer and firmware-b43legacy-installer where it seems previous versions of Kali did not need a network connection for these package. Doing research I found and issue a few years ago where a bug was reported for this issue, a fix was put in place to allow a offline install of these package.. Has the bug been reintroduced?

    I even tried to install later in my preseed file with a late_command and apt-get install -y of kali-tools-default, it does install but I get an "error 100" Is there a simple way to tell an install to ignore and continue with an error 100. If I hit "return" when this error comes up the install does complete.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Currently I have managed to get what seems to be a successful unattended, offline build of Kali 2020.1 by just requesting to install kali-tools-*. I guess sometimes the simplest solution works. This said I believe there still may be an issue with incorrectly documented package names (kali-tools-default) and firmware-b43-installer and firmware-b43legacy-installer are now needing an Internet connection.


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