I have been using Kali Linux 2019.4 for a while, until I removed it and installed 2020.1a new version. I can't use thgis version, after installation in SD Card and after booting the login screen appears, but the mouse and the keyboard doesn't work. I can't move the cursor to write username and password, and also the keyboard doesn't work when I type. It looks like the screen is freezing. It worked only one time before sometimes but when I reboot it happened the same thing that mouse and keyboard doesn't work and I can't login and use it. I have tried many times even with other mouse and keyboard but doesn't work. Even by typing combination of buttons when it is booting like Ctrl D, Ctrl F3, Ctrl F4 but doean't take any command. I don't mind to use even and older version of Kali Linux if they don't have any issue after updating or upgrading or with their operating tools, like 2019.3 or 2019.4 but I can't find anywhere them on the internet. This 2020.1a version isn't working at all. I found only 2019.2 version from a website Stickyfingers that it isn't like the official versions from Offensive Security, it boots ok and I can login and use it, but it looks that it has some bugs like when I put commands for monitor mode it doesn't work. While before with 2019.4 official version from Offensive Security before It has worked very well for me, monitor mode and other tools also. The 2020.1a version I know that has new features, but it isn't working. If you can help me with that case of the muse and keyboard, or if it is an issue of the new version 2020.1a than if you can provide me the older versions 2019.3 and 2019.4 by uploading or sending. I don't have the previous versions as file in zip and I can't find anywhere internet. I have spent considerably with Raspberry Pi 4b 4GB, Ice Tower and these stuffs. The point is that I can use mouse and keyboard in other systems like Raspbian and Android 9 version for Raspberry pi 4b. But for Kali Linux that I am interested more aren't working.

Kind regards.