Hi to everybody
I'm using manjaro kde and installed kali linux on vmbox

But I have several issues

1-ifconfig doesn't exist. I must run it with sudo to work! So i think something is wrong

2- I bought a 802.11n wireless adapter and installed driver on kali linux like what is said in this youtube video (https://www.***********************zZG65GkWGdU&t=318s) but not only this doesn't show up, but even when i use sudo iwconfig(because as i said i MUST use sudo to work) this device doesn't show up as well

3- I wanted to reinstall vmbox but everytime i install it, it will restore all the things

4- The device doesn't show up on ifconfig on Manjaro as well, but when i write lsusb it will show up. So i don't think it has something to do with the wireless adapter.

5- I'm really confused and no one can help me. Please if someone can, I'd appreciate it