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Thread: Live-build broken by recent change

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    Live-build broken by recent change


    I don't know what's changed, but staying up to date has caused live build to consistently fail with dependency errors. This has been reported in bug 0000340 which has a binary.log attached. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas what's changed to cause this?

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    Yes, I can't build- kali-linux-full won't install. It seems the last update broke a lot, and I've been trying to get to a point where I can downgrade the broken OpenVAS packages. So far no success and nothing but silence from bug reports

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    Ok so just to summarise the package dependency problem:

    kali-linux depends on openvas.

    openvas depends on gsd which, in turn, depends on libopenvas5
    openvas also depends on greenbone-security-assistant which depends on libopenvas6

    So this doesn't seem to be a failing of Kali per se but the effect is that it stops live-build working. It's openvas that's screwed. How about remove dependency openvas from kali-linux package?

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    So a dirty workaround of this openvas problem:

    rip openvas out of the kali-linux package. It makes live-build work again, who cares?


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