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Thread: Metasploit / Searchsploit and ExploitDB module not loaded

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    Metasploit / Searchsploit and ExploitDB module not loaded

    Hi Forum,

    Im doing some studying for my Pentest+ exam and am having trouble with ExploitDB exploits in metasploit.

    Every time I locate an exploit that I want to use in Exploit DB I am never able to load the **** thing.

    There is this exploit that I want to run on my lab called CuteNews 1.4.1 - Shell Injection / Remote Command Execution which is stored in exploits/php/webapps/1289.php.

    I have:
    - copied 1289.php to .msf4/modules/exploits/php/webapps
    - run updated db
    - restarted postgresql
    - run apt update && apt dist-upgrade
    - run apt-get upgrade

    But nothing works. Is this because its a php file that I am importing and something needs to be done differently?
    I have also tried exactly the same with .rb and .py files and had exactly the same result.

    I am running metasploit v5.0.80-dev. Is it a version / compatitibility issue between metasploit and the exploits in ExploitDB?
    My Kali build is a recent one. Latest version only about a month ago.

    Really appreciate any help with this.


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    See below

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    Metasploit is written in Ruby. php != Ruby

    You should spend a bit more time getting comfortable with searchsploit. Understand the flags.

    Also, you might as well go through the Metasploit Unleashed free course.

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