I have current Kali installation over 2 years, i updated to latest kernel and latest app version every 2-3 days. Last time i have some problem with Nmap its show some errors when i try used. I discover, its some older version run when type in terminal 'nmap' even i have latest one from Kali repo. So i remove nmap
apt remove nmap && apt purge nampa
After this nmap should remove from system but when i type 'nmap' them start same older version 7.70 . I find online how uninstall all version from Linux and after this solution i install again from repo and now i se i have latest version .
But same problem i have with whatweb axacaly same issue, even i remove it , still i can run typing 'whatweb' but same old version is. When i remove i try locate all files and i see:


I have same problem with some another app, i dont know why some older version keep in system even i official remove... I try find some solution but i can see nothing. Any idea pls ??

Thank You