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Thread: Intel WiFi 6 AX200 WiFi Card with Kali

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    Exclamation Intel WiFi 6 AX200 WiFi Card with Kali

    I have a custom built machine and I don?t have a WiFi card currently installed. I wanted one with Bluetooth capability that also has speeds that are suitable for use on Windows 10 as well to do data heavy stuff with if need be. I was looking at the Intel AX200 because it has everything I?m looking for and it also claims to have Linux support, but I?ve searched the internet for a long time and haven?t been able to find if that WiFi card supports monitor mode and packet injection. Does anyone know if the Intel AX200 supports Monitor mode while using Kali Linux v. 2020.1?

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    I went ahead and bought the card and it works great with Kali! Highly recommended.

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    Hello, So does it support monitor mode and packet injections?

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    Hello, I have Intel(R) WI-Fi 6 AX200 wireless adapter. So does it support monitor mode and packet Injections in Kali linux?

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    Yes, it supports both monitor mode and packet injections in Kali Linux.

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    Does anyone know of a working enclosure/adapter for this card so it can be used as an external USB-card?

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