I've been testing the Hyper-V image for some time and for some reason the user interface is different from the regular VM-ware image and it doesn't have the arrow at the top right corner to change the time. If you click the clock, it gives you and almanac and not option to set the time. Using a vm the time gets constantly de-sync with real time causing all sort of troubles, the SSL certificates stop working, the AWS cli stops working, etc. After wasting several minutes looking for the option to change the time I had to tap-out and do
$ sudo apt-get install ntpdate
$ sudo ntpdate in.pool.ntp.org

form the command line to fix it. I use Kali to avoid wasting time by taking advantage of all the cool apps that has installed, having to manually install and configure basic stuff is not the idea, I'll go with vanilla Debian for that.
Could we please have a very big and simple clock icon on the menu to achieve this? The setting menu has about every other conceivable function but that one.