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Thread: Kali shows no disks

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    Unhappy Kali shows no disks

    I am trying to dual boot my laptop with Kali alongside Pre-installed windows 10. I have a UEFI, and 2 SSD (500 GB each) using RAID-0. I already unallocated 100gb from disk management in windows 10. Plugged in the USB, and went for Graphical Install. On the Partition Screen, my Disks are not visible. Only the USB drive is visible through which i am installing Kali. I am currently using VM as a replacement, but am unable to do wireless Pen-test, so I really need this dual booted. Also, when I Live boot, on the file-system/File-manager, it just shows the USB and no hard drives. Please help. Willing to provide any sort of information to help, be it dmesg,lspci, anything.. ;(

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    You should changes SATA to AHCI mode on BIOS settings
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    I am running Kali on a Virtual Box VM. everything runs, works, and looks great, except one little tid bit. When ever i power down, it whips the drive, and boots a freshy when i get back in. Save state works if i specifically utilize save state, but if i send the shutdown signal or power off, when it reboots, i no longer have any of the files, folders, programs, or anything that i put on there. any ideas?

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