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Thread: Stuck on loading screen with dragon after boot

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    Stuck on loading screen with dragon after boot

    I've installed Kali 2020.1 as a VM using VirtualBox and get stuck on the dragon loading screen after I boot up and after grub. See attached image. My current virtual machine settings are:
    * Memory: 2048 MB
    * CPUs: 2
    * Acceleration: VT-x/AMD-V, Nested Paging, PAE/NX, KVM Paravirtualization

    I've also tried running the Virtualbox image supplied from Kali (from here). Either way, if I install it using the installer ISO or using the prepared Vbox file, I get the same error. It loads grub and when it comes to the dragon loading screen, it freezes when the blue glow get to about where it is in the attached image. I have tried messing with the settings to no avail, and I've also double checked that I have turned on Intel Virtualization Technology in the BIOS.

    I also tried to install Ubuntu to see if that worked, but it also got stuck on the loading screen (the one with five dots and the Ubuntu logo). Installing Kali and Ubuntu on my laptop works, but not on my workstation (where the presented problem occurs). So it might be a problem with my computer, but I'm not sure what.

    Please ask if there is any more information I should supply. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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