i have a laptop and i haven't used it in a while and i had Trisquel installed with disk encryption i let someone else use it for a while and it stopped working. i just decided to install a new OS instead of trying to find out whats wrong but i couldn't remember the bios password. i tried taking out the CMOS battery and then realized the password is stored on the hard drive. so the only way to boot from the USB is to unplug the hard drive then plug it back in once I've booted into the USB. (i know I'm not supposed to do this while its powered on and it didn't damage it i can still boot into the old OS on it)
the issue is once i plug back in the hard drive the Kali live cant detect it. i realize it's probably a theft deterrent can anyone help???

also the mouse pad isn't letting me click when its tapped double tapped etc and i cant scroll sliding my finger down the right side of the pad. if you can help with this also that'd help too its worked before so i know its not a hardware issue.