Hi all, so I just installed Kali linux 4.19, it all went okay at first, then i installed a software called Nessus, it also went okay till when i opened my machine on VMware workstation, i found myself in the console mode instead of the graphic mode of Kali Linux.

I tried to do the get-update command and all but it didn't work, the alt+F7 didn't work as well.
I also checked that i didn't have enough space on dev/sda1 so i thought it's because of the software i downloaded so I deleted it but nothing has changed and the dev/sda1 space is still used at 100%, I don't know if this is normal or not.

If there's any solution you can help me with, please do not hesitate.

Also I wish i can go back to previous version on kali linux where i had the software downloaded because it took me almost a day downloading it, I would appreciate any suggestion of commands, if not, it's not much necessary, I really want to go back to the graphic mode.

Please help.

Thank you!