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Thread: How to change the background image of cryptsetup screen on encrypted kali ???

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    How to change the background image of cryptsetup screen on encrypted kali ???

    Hi there,

    I just want to know, How to change or disable the background image of cryptsetup screen on encrypted kali, I mean the screen with the kali dragon logo where we have to put our encryption password to decrypt kali. I need this in order to stay discreet from letting anyone know that i am using kali because that branded screen eventually kills every discreteness of the feature "Undercover Mode or Windows Mode".

    I will be glad to receive any proper guidance regarding this.


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    Edit kali.script file.


    I am not sure if this is still relevant to you, but it could be for someone else as well.
    I was digging through kali filesystem, because I wanted to achieve the same thing...and I found that kali uses plymouth which provides graphical boot process. Plymouth is using it's own scripting language that is similar to Javascript, so it's easy to read and understand.


    All you need to do is edit /usr/share/plymouth/themes/kali/kali.script file.
    [CODE]sudo nano /usr/share/plymouth/themes/kali/kali.script[/CO​DE]

    You need to be careful when editing this file, if you break the script it doesn't load at all and you will be stuck with a black screen after reboot. However, you are still able to enter the password and log in, which is good.

    I think the best way to remove kali logo and still keep the functionality is to comment out following lines in the kali.script file:

      72  // showKaliLogo();
     119  // showKaliLogo();
     132  // container.sprite.SetOpacity(1);
     133  // outline.sprite.SetOpacity(1);
     156  // Plymouth.SetBootProgressFunction(bootProgressCallback);
    Function in line 72 and 119 shows the kali logo while entering decryption password and rest of the lines shows the logo during initial boot, when password was successfully entered.

    After any change to the file we need to apply changes by generating new boot file with the command:
    sudo plymouth-set-default-theme -R kali
    I hope this helps.

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