I'll try to make this quick.
I downloaded backtrack 3, back in 2010 I believe, burnt it to a CD, and ended up never using it.
fast forward to now, I lost all my gear (laptops, and PC, bootable usb's) in a flood.
right now all I have is an HP Elitebook 8560p( my new laptop is being delivered hopefully next week during this covid-19 business).

I took ownership of my system32 on windows 7. computer wouldnt make it to the login screen anymore.
all I have is this old backtrack 3 CD from 2010 and very little knowledge on how to use it, and no internet access to the laptop. my bootable windows usb's wont load due to, after alot of googling, HP's bios issues for this specific laptop. I can, however, use the contents of the USB in backtrack 3.
I wiped my harddrive through the "disk sanitizer" option in the bios.
my only way to access this HDD now is through this backtrack 3 CD.
Its been very time consuming and difficult to find shell commands through the konsole since alot of the info I found either requires an internet connection, or the commands dont work on this old version of backtrack.

I was able to identify the drive in backtrack, and partition it, but I probably didnt do it properly since some of the commands, along the way, didn't work. also cant locate the partition after reboot without using

I also have a couple bootable usb's, one with windows 10, windows 7, and ubuntu. i was able to learn how to mount and access the ISO's contents, but not sure what to even do with it or install from an ISO after the mounting.

sorry that was longer than I thought, just wanted to give info before my question.

my question is, I would like to ask someone with knowledge of backtrack 3, how I can install an OS, through an ISO, to this wiped drive, using a bootable backtrack 3 CD.

---- also worth mentioning, I cant access the internet from backtrack 3 but I can download anything to my phone, transfer to my android box, then to usb, then to laptop if needed.
I just have no idea how to make things happen through backtrack, and the little that I have learned, has taken me a few days with little progress. ----
I did read the rules for the forum, and I have scoured the internet for commands and solutions with not much luck since backtrack 3 doesnt seem to be used by many this day and age.