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Thread: Trouble downloading Kali to my Virtual Machine

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    Trouble downloading Kali to my Virtual Machine

    My download always gets hung up at Install portion of the process. I used all the default settings and it still got stuck in the same place. Several others in my IT class had the same issue with their downloads to their VMs. Any suggestions? "Select and Install Software" is where we always get hung up.

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    I have a similar problem. I downloaded the Kali-64-for-VM. Got a .7z file, after unzipping it one gets a directory, not an iso file. Inside the directory there is no .ova file. My installation ends there, so maybe I'm missing the ball somewhere or the file isn't OK, which I find very improbable.
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    I figured my problem out. I didnt alot enough memory in the virtual drive for all the Kali downloads. I would recommend at least 20 GB.

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