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Thread: Completely Wipe Old Installation

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    Completely Wipe Old Installation

    I forgot username and password (but do know my decryption key), how can I completely wipe the old Kali Installation?

    I thought I asked this, but can't see any status in my activity feed (even if it's pending moderation) so I'm posting again...

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    There is a method to reset password in command print prompt on recovery mode. Search google. Otherwise on dual boot using 2020.1 on windows 10 eufi all I had to do was boot kali from usb/cd and install like normal. When at partition just click on old kali partitions, 1 for hd and one for swap for me, and tou can click delete this partition for both then it will be free space and install on that. Then it just installed like normal including grub install. I read tiid5 have issues if you didn't remove kali grub but i did not run into that.

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