I have a kali linux 2019.1 installed in my laptop hdd, I've made all the changes I wanted - including install virtualbox with a vm inside that I need and some settings in various apps (some setting for filezilla), adding my acripts and some files I need. Now I want to make a live usb out of my system But I aant it to be live so I mean that it will boot from usb but WITHOUT persistant! So every time all the files that wasnt in the image will be deleted after boot. I tried to do it with linux live kit but it cant boot and it showing aufs error. I think it because kali kernel doesn't support aufs, so maybe there is way to change something in the kernel so it will support aufs? Or.maybe youe guys will have different way.
Please help me ..
So again I want a image of my pre configured system with all modification and scripts Ive made but it should be live so it will not ssve any thing that wasnt on the image between boots

Best Regards