I was wondering if you guys could help me out as all manner of searching comes up fruitless.
I have spent a considerable amount of time creating a persistent install of kali which has all the dev environment I need.
Compiling C# on linux in Jetbrains Rider is awesome 👌

One thing which was a showstopper was installing NVidia drivers *evil face* on the persistence drive.
Needed for hashcat etc.

I figured this not possible as the live partition containing boot information comes from the live kali image and it's nouveau slug.
I tried baking NVidia drivers into the iso but no dice, never worked.

My question is what would I need to do to migrate this persistence drive to a fresh install of kali?

I need 1-10 steps instruction.
Bonus points if anyone has managed to install kali on an M2 drive on Lenovo Legion 🤠 it fails to enumerate my media.

Many thanks and stay safe