I just freshly installed Kali Linux for the first time with GNOME desktop environment. I know I need to learn a lot further but for starters I came onto something I think (maybe) is a bug in Kali Linux. Although I am not sure! In settings when I tried changing my Timezone (which was already correct) I found out that my timezone displays incorrect time. I further went on clicking other locations on the world map and found my neighboring countries displayed incorrect times as well. My timezone is `Asia/Kolkata` which is `UTC +5:30` and it shows 3:50pm right now when it's 10:18am currently. And `UTC +00` i.e., `GMT(Bamako, Mali)` shows the correct time of my country. What do I do to get correct time in my timezone? I can keep working with `UTC +00` but I don't want to do that for several purposes. I want my own timezone to display correct time. Probably, the server address it is fetching the time data for all timezone is sending incorrect data!? Please, help me correct the issue.

I also tried:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

to configure the timezone again, then:

ntpd -qg

This gave me the correct time but when I restarted the system it went back to show the wrong time.