Hey All,

I'm dual booting Kali Linux on my MSI GL65 and it runs, but there's some intermittent issues with display. I've gone through a few different solutions I found through Google but none of them seem to correct the issue.

Whenever I do anything related to the graphic drives the laptop crashes and just shuts off completely. I can boot back up no problem but anytime I've tried...

running 'lspci' in cmd
starting a 'apt install nvidia-driver nvidia-xconfig' as per https://medium.com/@jamesmacwhite/in...x-cd3560258e24

I've also disabled the nouveau drivers in grub (nouveau.modeset=0) as that seems to be helpful in other similar issues and the laptop will still completely shut off.

Just for some side stupid stuff there is no issue with the battery or power on the laptop while I'm doing this stuff.

It seems like a lot of the people with similar issues have problems getting Kali to boot properly at all. My issue is that it will run and do what I need it to, overall, but I still will see driver errors on boot in the few seconds I see the OS loading up and there are times when it seems like the entire display crashes.

These crashes are probably 10% of my overall use and infrequent, but I'm a bit frustrated with it not working 100%.

Any ideas?