Hello everyone!

I'm new here but no Kali Linux "Noob" or Chat/Hack-Kiddie who wants to be the best ANONYMOUS Member xD, also not a "specialist".
Have been using Kali on my "i5" (7th generation) Computer for almost 2 years (i know, 2 years are "nothing".. ),
-8GB Ram, GTX1060-6GB graphics Card (192BIT -CUDA ALL THE WAY =))
DUALBOOT to Windows 10.

USB-Modems, 2 : ALFA AWUS036NHA (with Qualcomm Atheros AR9271 Chip) and other with Ralink RT2870/RT3070 Chip.

My question is which Trojan/Virus/Malware (Antivirus software) is the best for Kali Linux?
Please help me as soon as possible.

Thank you all very much in advance!

Very nice to be here, on a nice together! Nice evening Guys!