Hello friends, how are you?
Sorry for poor English, I'm Brazilian and I'm learning.

I'm starting on Kali Linux, I recently learned to work with dirbuster to search for files, but in my case it is necessary to use a specific wordlist, which I managed to assemble with the Crunch command.

So far so great, the problem is that the wordlist that I need to assemble reaches an immense size that when completed, which my HD is unfortunately far from reaching.

I've been thinking about a possibility of merging DirBuster and Crunch, so that, for example, a possibility generated by Crunch is tested and then discarded if it is not a valid result for DirBuster. So the lines would always be renewed and there would always be space available ...

Can anyone help me with this idea, or something similar?

Thank you very much and long live Kali Linux!