My wifi adapter is a RTL8812BU with monitor mode, packet injection and softap capability. Great right? Nope. Although everything works when using manual commands (using ifconfig wlan0 down iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor ifconfig wlan0 up) Automatic commands such as airmon-ng start wlan0 fail with a "Does not support monitor mode" output. This is very frustrating as most programs rely on airmon-ng start wlan0 therefore making the program not work. Everything else works fine such as programs which does not check for monitor mode.

My question is.

Can i trick kali into thinking that i am a supported wifi card for example a AR9271? I know this will not work on incompatible wifi adapters but in my case all i need is to trick the program into thinking that i am a supported card so i can bypass the checking system.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you