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Thread: Nexus 5 - Normal wifi not working

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    Nexus 5 - Normal wifi not working


    I installed NetHunter 2020.2 from official 6.0.1 with SuperSu and BusyBox via TWRP.
    All seems working and correctly installed.

    In NetHunter Home I see wlan0.
    In Kali terminal ifconfig wlan0 shows the interface.

    When I go to settings > wifi couldnt find any network.

    Did I miss something?

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    I got the exact same problem..... i install CM 13 first and wifi works fine.... after i install NetHunter 2021.1 and wifi dont work anymore... i try the nethunter 2020.4 also and got the same problem.....

    please help

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    I also have the same problem. I think its a firmware issue and don't know how to fix it. If anyone can send me a link to the firmware I need for Nethunter Plz post it here.

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