I have a Kali Linux instance in AWS. I login via SSH using a key-pair file with ec2-user. I've configured VNC server for GUI access and I can connect by tunneling over SSH using this method here https://www.hack4charity.org/2017/09...m-window-host/

However, whenever I try to run Wireshark, I'm presented with a box "Authentication is required to run /usr/bin/wireshark" as root. I have 2 options:

Debian (ec2-user)

Debian (ec2-user) doesn't have a password associated as AWS uses a key-pair, so I can't authenticate with a password.
I enter the correct password for Kali (no authentication failures), but that still doesn't load WireShark.

What do I need to do to be able run WireShark over TightVNC?

Thanks in advance