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Thread: Kernel kali nethunter and xiaomi Mi9t

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    Kernel kali nethunter and xiaomi Mi9t

    thanks to your work I finally install kali nethunter on my phone Mi9t.
    all work well:
    * airmon-ng detects my external wifi card (wlan2)
    * kex manager works well
    but I had two problems one is not very important in status bar speed connection does not work and the other problem is very important fingerprint does not work especially with the last rom MIUI CHINA BETA 20.5.21.
    for information with the Miui stable roms (china, global) and the custom roms except the first problem which persists the fingerprint works well.
    I wonder do these two problems come from the kernel custom nethunter?
    that's yes can you update this kernel or direct me to solve these two problems. can i use kernel-builder to fix them? forgive me for my mediocre language. And thank you in advance.
    my configuration is: mi9t miui china beta 20.5.21 and kali nethunter 2020.2 last release.

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    can u lis the exact steps you took to install it im having trouble

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    Hi all,any chance to have infos about building u-boot and kernel for H64?Im planning to buy one of this, but only if there are the sources for boot and kernel...Regards

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