Hello - Hoping someone my have some insight into the following issue as I am attempting to use VNC as follows:

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 4gb
OS: Kali 2020.2 (ARM)
VNC Server: TightVNC
VNC Client: RealVNC for iOS (iPad Pro)

In short, while I am seemingly able to successfully reach my Pi4 from my iPad Pro, all I see on screen is a grey background with an ?x? (mouse pointer) in the middle of the screen. While I have seen this scenario mentioned online in various forums, none of the steps provided has provided resolve for me thus far - most are dated/do not reflect Kali 2020. Most involved adding either ?startxfce4? or ?startxfce4 &? to the ?/root/.vnc/xstartup? file. I have tried both including other variations to no avail thus far. Hoping someone has VNC working on a Kali 2020.2 Pi4 and can share their currently working config with me and others experiencing this issue.

Thanks in advance.