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Thread: Your kernel does not support USB ConfigFS

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    Your kernel does not support USB ConfigFS

    Hi NetHunter community,

    I?m new to Nethunter, just testing the built process in the last couple of days.

    I have used the python build script from the Gitlab repository to build a Nethunter image (step 4.0 in the documentation). Everything looked fine until I tried to check the HID /USB Attacks. If I open the USB Arsenal I receive the following error: ?Your kernel does not support USB ConfigFS?. Also, if I try to use the DuckHunter HID it is not working correctly (just hitting enters on every device (windows, mac), it does not type the strings).

    Are these issues related to the kernel version of the Galaxy S7?

    Kernel Version: 3.18.139.Nethunter-WirusMODv1.1

    I have tested this on a Galaxy S7 with different ROMs (TouchWiz Grace, LineageOS 14.1, LineageOS 16.0), every time the same issues. The S7 is not supported from LineageOS anymore, so I have used unofficial versions from XDA.

    I also did some tests on a Galaxy S5 and have the same problems.

    Could you please support me on this topic? Is it possible to build a 4.X kernel for this device?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi NetHunter community,

    Same problem.

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    ConfigFS is indeed a Kernel 4.xx only feature, AFAIK. Although it is technically possible to build a newer kernel, it could take months, or even years of trying, to get a working result. You're more likely to drive yourself crazy from trying, unless you're already a seasoned programmer...

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