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Thread: Problems when tried to upgrade Kali Linux Live USB

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    Unhappy Problems when tried to upgrade Kali Linux Live USB

    Dear All,

    I am quite new in Linux, especially Kali. However, from a while I am using Kali Linux on a Live USB persistence and I had no problems till now (only one strange thing, on one of my USBs it mounted and ran with UEFI, but with the other USB stick it needs to be with Legacy... however, that is not the problem). I just had an update message for Visual Studio Code and then I downloaded the .deb file from the VSCode's website. However, I just was curious how can update it without using this file and then I saw that I can use the sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. When I used the sudo apt upgrade, it started upgrading but it took too long and I decided to leave it while I am sleeping at night. Then in the morning I saw that Kali is locked (I didn't manage to open Power Settings and didn't disabled it and I was hoping it will finish it even when it is locked, great delusions) and it was frozen and for a couple of minutes I was trying to unlock it, but it doesn't recognize any of my actions, so I decided to shut down the PC and run it again. When I ran it, it was giving the loading commands from the pictures below and from the video you can see what is happening when it tries to start it. (It was also giving something like "RIP: Code ..." smth, with blinking terminal of kali which was working before shutting down). I was looking a lot for some solutions, I saw that it might be a problem with the GNU Grub because of the Start job for live-config (it can be seen with red line in the pictures) and I put "nouveau.modeset=0" when I get to the line with clicking "Tab" button on the option "Live system (persistence)". Then it stopped showing the "RIP: Code.." while blinking the terminal.

    Please can you give me a solution how to solve the problem or, do I have to install it again ? (I don't want actually to do it because I have to install and configure some stuff)? Thank you in advance.

    Here is also link to one video, but maybe it was too big to upload it directly here. In the video you can see what is giving after finishing the stuff from the screenshots - (if there is more convenient place to upload it, please tell me and I will do that)

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    Ran into the same thing and learned not to upgrade a Kali Live USB Persistence Mode.

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