I am having trouble booting the 2020.2a version of Kali for the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4B. The file seems to image to the disk properly, but will not properly load Kali. A picture of the screen can be found here: https://i.postimg.cc/HxGKXS10/IMG-0003.jpg

Two clues are that
  1. I have downloaded the file multiple times on multiple machines, but the SHA256SUMs do not match. I'm not sure if the hosted file is corrupt or if the posted sum is incorrect.
  2. The image references the start4.elf file. It was recommended that I try taking the *.dat and *.elf files from a working OS (Raspberry Pi OS) and use them to replace the ones in the Kali image. This did allow Kali to load, but it was unstable and peripherals such as the keyboard did not work.

Thank you for any help, it is greatly appreciated.