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Thread: unable to install clean kali linux using ONLY keyboard

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    Question unable to install clean kali linux using ONLY keyboard

    I'm installing kali linux using from a USB to a USB and those take the only 2 USB ports my laptop has, which means i can't use a mouse, and then when i got to the part where i choose the metapackages i can't press enter to 'continue'. i have also tried 2 press space bar but the installation wouldn't continue.
    Are there any body who know what to do to get the installation done. Appreciate every help.

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    Did you tried install Kali with "install" option or the "graphical install" one ?

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    sorry i didn't reply ealier as I was focusing on school. I selected graphical one

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    It worked for me using the "graphical install" option, did you try like this?

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    Most linux installers allow you to use the arrow key's, The tab key usually also allows you to select stuff you can also press the enter key instead of using a mouse click.

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    I tried to use the netinstaller and use ur method. the tab key did work but when i got to the metapackages it wouldn't do anything so i tried using the space bar and it just works. Thanks for helping me

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    Freshly installed Kali, simply put, kali os is unsupported by all amdgpu catalyst crimson radeon rx vega 10 zenbook, trying to dpkg individual packages none will install, linux kernel support drivers do not even install on kali, how can i resolve the pixelation problem, is there a way to switch to and from pnp monitor? What is the code? the packets seem to be sent and not recived by ryzen 7. Please advice. Thank you.

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