Hello everyone,

I am finally posting here after hectic two weeks to figure out what was going wrong with my nethunter install over a Nexus 6 (shamu). I have flashed LOS16.0 (Android 9.0) and installed nethunter 2020.2 full armhf, everything is fine until this point.

However, I am using an Alfa network wireless cards, as part of my tests, I tried mounting a Rogue AP using the MANA Framework which seemed dead for me.
I can establish an AP using hostapd, and I am using DNSMASQ with the proper configurations.

The problem that I have noticed is within iptables rules, nothing seems to allow redirection of traffic from a FakeAP (over wlan1) to wlan0 (connected to internet) [PS I am not using 4G data bundle]

I also had to deprecate iptables to 1.6 to make the rules work or iptables-legacy command. After all efforts and potential solutions over the interwebs, the traffic is still not being redirected whenever I try connecting to the FakeAP from a test device. AP works, DHCP works and DNSMASQ shows traffic flow in debug mode, but the traffic goes nowhere.

After these tries, I said to myself why not try something already functional, went to wifipumpkin3 and tested it, I noticed that even if there are nothing bound to port 53, the PyDNS server refuses to work.

I am starting to doubt that this is a kernel issue, but I do not have the knowledge to go this far.

(same configurations tested on Android 6.0.1 and nethunter armhf for it same outcome)

Thank you for your answers and help.