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Thread: Bootloop after Nethunter install on Oneplus one

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    Bootloop after Nethunter install on Oneplus one


    I read some other thread before to open this one cause found nothing clear with it.

    I was with a Oneplus 1 with CM12.1-YOG4PAS1N0 Android 5.1.1 Build LMY48B.
    Then I used BRT tool to unlock and root with custom recovery.
    Root was ok, I did a check before installation of Nethunter.
    However I did not installed busybox. (I thought it was not necessary as I would flash with Nethunter image)

    Then I downloaded the
    Checked the SHA256 was fine.
    Copied to smartphone
    Reboot to recovery then flashed with above image.
    Got a successful result, however after, the boot block one 1+ screen and bootloop.

    Can someone help me and give any hint of what happened?
    WHat should I do?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have the same problem on the same device, came here looking for solution or advice too.

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    Maybe the wrong image? Have you tried the download for marshmallow?

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