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Thread: Xiaomi 9T cannot set monitor mode on a specific channel

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    Xiaomi 9T cannot set monitor mode on a specific channel

    Hello everyone !

    After installing NetHunter on my recently bought xiaomi 9T (I flashed it with PixelExperience Android 10), it works pretty well for this moment.

    But I doesn't figure out how to enable monitor mode on a specific channel.

    On NetHunter, I enable the monitor mode with the custom command in nethunter app, the command is like 'echo 4 > /sys/module/wlan/parameters/con_mode', but I have no idea which channel it is monitoring.
    (On my Kali laptop, I always use 'airmon-ng start wlan0 X' to set the monitor mode on channel X.)

    This is an issue for me because when I ran aireplay-ng, it told me it cannot determine which the channel the interface was listening on and propose to either add '--ignore-negative-one' or a kernel patch.

    Then I have tried to add '--ignore-negative-one', it executes but with a message 'waiting for beacon frame on channel -1'. Anyway, the attack didn't work. To be sure, I also used Wireshark and it didn't capture any forged packets sent to the specific channel.

    Can anyone know how to do that ?


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    Xiaomi 9T cannot set monitor mode on a specific channel

    Hi,I have debian with gnome3, but in System monitor there is not a GPU usage...where can I find GPU usane in Debian? Basic packages..Debian 10 on desktop..Thank you

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    facing same issue!

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    Same here! sorry for no solution btw

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