Hi all,

I'm building a custom Kali Live USB, or trying to.
I was able to get most things working on the standard live USB with persistence, but wanted to build an image that just works.
I need some drivers for the keyboard, touchpad and Apple T2 bridge, which I got working.
I've added scripts in common/includes.chroot/usr/lib/live/config/ to clone git repos and compile the kernel modules.
I also need to apply a kernel patch to the brcmfmac driver, so it recognises my WLAN card.
I've built the kernel on my Kali install on VMWare and put it in common/packages.chroot to get installed and I'll probably need a custom entry for the grub config.
But the Live Image doesn't work as expected yet.

Can someone point me in the right direction. I'm sure it's small things I'm missing.
Thanks in advance.