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Thread: Kali nethunter not booting on OnePlus 3 T

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    Kali nethunter not booting on OnePlus 3 T

    I have downloaded the kali nethunter image for the OnePlus 3 that supports android 10. I tried installing kali nethunter on linage os 17.1 and carefully followed all the steps with each step getting successful. But when I tried to reboot the phone from twrp by clicking reboot system after the installation was complete, it only showed OnePlus logo for about a minute and then the phone turned off. I have tried the installation several times but got the same result. Can someone suggest me what should i do?

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    I had to install a patched boot image to disable DM-Verity and the force-ecryption disabler (together with formatting data) to get rid of the forced encryption.
    Here my installation notes:

    Install encryption disabler & Magisk:
    reboot into recovery
    format data
    flash boot-patched-9.0.6-OP3T.img to disable DM-Verity
    flash to disable force-encryption

    Then I installed the NetHunter image and reflashed Magisk.

    Hope that helps

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    Which rom did u use ?

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    Hi thanks for your help. I successfully installed kali nethunter on my OnePlus 3 T. But can you tell me if the wlan0 monitor mode works on ur phone as on my phone whenever i turn it in my wifi turns off and refuses to turn on.

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    Did you ever get the phone to boot? I've gotten this far, finally got nethunter to install after following all the steps and messing with twrp so that it didnt amount /system when installing and then also checking mount system before installing... those details drove me nuts for a while... now nethunter installs but I get stuck rebooting, the oneplus logo appear and then the phone won't boot.

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