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Thread: Need some instructions for installing Net Hunter on OnePlus 7T Pro

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    Need some instructions for installing Net Hunter on OnePlus 7T Pro

    Hi Guys,

    iam new to this

    I have activated fastboot mode and rooted the device with magisk. Thats all fine.

    Did i need this TWRP to install NetHunter?

    Whats the next step? (I readed that the most users use the normal OnePlus 7, because its easier, faster and there is twrp support) but now i have this phone ^^

    Thanks and greatings from germany.

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    First step is to unlock the bootloader with fastboot command, as this action is needed to mod any Android device. Without unlocked bootloader, there is nothing you can do. (I assume you already unlock it)

    Next step is to install the TWRP recovery. TWRP can let you root your device, install custom ROM etc.
    Step to install TWRP in OnePlus 7T Pro:

    1) Download both the img file and zip file on and put in the platform-tools' folder. Make sure to download the exact twrp files on according to your device and rename to twrp.img and You must also download the on

    2) Boot your phone into bootloader mode, and type this command on cmd/terminal: fastboot boot twrp.img

    3) In the TWRP recovery, tap on ADB Sideload and Swipe to Start Sideload

    4) In the cmd/terminal, type adb sideload

    5) Go back to the main screen of TWRP recovery, tap on Wipe and Format Data

    6) Put the in your internal storage and install it (to prevent TWRP stuck at its splash screen because of encryption enabled)

    7) Reboot your device and n flash the and

    Thank you.

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    Or just use baconroot toolkit bit its a oneplus 7t . Maybe not suppprted?

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    An easier method is to use the dualboot twrp from xda it installs magisk and dm-verity no force encrypt all at once and it seems to work pretty well and you dont have to repartition if you dont want to ill post a link to the page here

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