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Thread: How uninstall penetration tools and only use regular apps as a normal desktop?

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    How uninstall penetration tools and only use regular apps as a normal desktop?

    Hi! Everybody

    I want to use kali as a normal desktop without the penetration tools, and only have the regular apps of a normal desktop with the patches and modifications of kali. Is there a metapackage or script that I can run to get the penetration tools uninstalled? or do I have to uninstall every thing manually? I like how secure kali is, but I do not need the penetration extra apps. I have a specific PC that runs the complete distro already. Thanks for your time and help in advance. Have a nice day.

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    Im new to all that Linux Stuff and didn't know the differences in all that distros, but liked the Kali distro - installed it many times over the last weeks new
    and learned the basics for me.
    during the installation of all possible desktops (to look how they are) I installed them with
    sudo tasksel
    in Terminal - it opens a selection of desktops available and tools/ metapackages
    there you can mark/unmark Your selections whats to be installed - as I discovered, everything you unmark will be removed

    a second way is to do it with
    sudo apt-get autoremove "Name of package"

    see the Kali Page Metapackages page what are the names of the tool packages

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