I updated a very (1 to 2 year) old Kali recently (2020-06-19) and now find that I am no longer able to launch the Terminal.

Steps to repeat:
(1) Launch Terminal
(2) This results in the Terminal being displayed briefly followed by a full-screen prompt for a username. At the top of the screen is the title "Automatic suspend" and "Computer will suspend very soon because of inactivity".
(3) I enter "root" and the password.
(4) Display returns to desktop with no Terminal.

Based on this link (https://www.kali.org/news/kali-default-non-root-user/) I tried "kali" and "kali" with the result in "Sorry, that didn't work...".

I don't know if this is relevant but parts of the desktop (tool bar on left, icons in top margin) are not rendering. VirtualBox was updated to version 6.1 before Kali was updated (https://www.***********************Y8f_D6hy9_0 , https://installlion.com/kali/kali/ma...all/index.html).

What is the fix? Or, would it be easier just to do a fresh download & install?